How to Look for the Right HDMI Cable to Connect PlayStation 5

hdmi cable that comes with ps5

Sony's newest game console is the PlayStation 5. It displays video and audio in stunning 4K resolution up to 120Hz. Additionally, the PS5 supports the latest HDMI 2.1 features.

To take full advantage of what the PS5 offers, gamers must use an HDMI 2.1 cable speed. This cable reliably passes high bandwidth signals. Here, bandwidth means the amount of data sent simultaneously.
This guide will help readers select the correct HDMI 2.1 cable for their PS5. Specifically, it matches the PS5's specification requirements. Doing so allows readers to utilize their new system's full capabilities.


Table of Content:

  • PS5 HDMI Cable Port Specifications
  • Consider PS5 HDMI Cable Length
  • Check Standard HDMI Cable Labels and Packaging
  • Key Playstation HDMI Cable Features to Look For
  • Cables to Avoid
  • Premium HDMI Cable Picks
  • Installation and Use of PS5 HDMI 2.1 Cable
  • Conclusion


PS5 HDMI Cable Port Specifications

The PS5 contains an HDMI port that complies fully with the HDMI 2.1 standard. This allows the port to handle resolutions up to 4K, which displays 3840 squares across and 2160 squares vertically. It is also capable of refreshing the screen at 120 frames per second.
Additionally, the port enables advanced gaming features such as Variable Refresh Rate (VRR).

VRR synchronizes the display's refresh speed with the frame rate produced by the game. This synchronization gets rid of screen tearing and minimizes input lag, resulting in a smoother gaming experience.
Following the HDMI 2.1 specification increases the maximum supported bandwidth to around 48 gigabits per second. That is significantly higher than the previous HDMI 2.0 standard's limit of 18 gigabits per second.

It is important to only use HDMI cables that thoroughly adhere to HDMI 2.1, because cables lacking full compliance may struggle to keep up with the bandwidth demands imposed by the PS5. This could potentially cause issues like intermittent signal dropping, screen flickering, or even a total loss of video output.

Cables are also expected to be compatible with HDCP 2.2 and beyond for handling protected content such as streamed movies and television shows.

Consider PS5 HDMI Cable Length

While longer certified HDMI 2.1 cables may seem appealing for flexibility in cable placement, it's important to consider length limits that could still allow the cable to perform as intended.

The HDMI Licensing Administrator recommends a maximum length of 15 feet for all HDMI 2.1 cables. Beyond this point, bandwidth offered by the cable begins degrading to the point where it struggles to push full 4K HDR 120Hz signals reliably over the wire.

Longer cable runs introduce more resistance, requiring stronger amplified signals. They also tend to lose more throughput due to interference as frequencies get scaled up to handle new resolutions and frame rates. Sticking close to the 15 foot limit helps ensure best performance and compatibility with the PS5.

Check Standard HDMI Cable Labels and Packaging

Look at the words on cables and boxes when shopping. Words like "Ultra High Speed" mean the cable passed a test. "Premium Certified" and "HDMI Forum Certified" mean this too. The HDMI group does the tests.
"Ultra High Speed" means the cable can do all ps5 HDMI 2.1 cable things like 4K120. Cheap cables from nowhere may not say this. Their boxes also will not say details about speed or passing tests. These cables might not always pass requirements.
It is better to avoid cables from nowhere. Pick cables from brands you know. Their boxes will clearly say how the cable passed tests.
The Yauhody cable proudly shows on its box that it fully follows HDMI 2.1. The box says it can do the best 8K pictures. This means the cable will work well with HDMI 2.1 devices like the PS5.

playstation hdmi cable-Yauhody

Key Playstation HDMI Cable Features to Look For

Beyond just verifying the basic HDMI 2.1 compliance, it's also wise to evaluate a few important cable attributes before making a selection:

  • Support for 4K and higher resolutions up to 8K. Refresh rate handling ranging from 60Hz up to the full 120Hz supported by PS5.
  • Certification from the HDMI Forum, the governing body behind the HDMI standards. This ensures peak compatibility with source devices and full interoperability.
  • Durable construction with protective jacketing. Braided fiber or woven cable provides better longevity than cheaper plastic varieties prone to kinking or breakage over extended use.
  • Good transmission rating to minimize latency or lag times. Cables with Ethernet support are also preferable for future-proofing if more features arise.

Checking that a cable accommodates these key technical elements in addition to basic HDMI 2.1 compliance sets the best gamers up for a seamless, future-ready experience.

Cables to Avoid

Just as there are certain cable types that should be favored, there exist some varieties best overlooked when shopping for a PS5 HDMI 2.1 solution:

  • Cables too short or long for the intended setup. As discussed, exceeding 15 feet risks degraded throughput unable to handle 4K120 bandwidth needs.
  • Cables lacking visible HDMI certification marks or speed ratings on packaging/labeling. This suggests unknown passed signal integrity testing.
  • Extremely cheap no-name cables found in bargain bins. Cutting corners here almost assures incompatibility or unreliable performance down the line.
  • Older HDMI 1.4 or 2.0 certified cables no longer sufficient for PS5 max capability. Only HDMI 2.1 solutions guarantee full supported operation.

Avoiding these cable pitfalls helps gamers sort through options for a trustworthy partner that elevates their next-gen experience instead of dragging it down or becoming obsolete prematurely.

The Yauhody HDMI cable meets all these criteria, with reliable transmission for low latency gaming. Its support for 4K up to 144Hz and 8K ensures compatibility even with future devices.

Premium HDMI Cable Picks

For gamers seeking absolute best-in-class fidelity or future-proofing investment, stepping up to a premium HDMI 2.1 cable brings enhanced assurances and piece of mind:

The Yauhody HDMI cable is a great option for the PS5. Yauhody cables are specifically designed to support all key HDMI 2.1 features like 8K, 4K120, VRR, and dynamic HDR. They offer plug and play installation along with advanced gaming-focused abilities.

These high-performance solutions exceed all PS5 demands while future-proofing households for potential device upgrades or resolution jumps down the line. Their assurances protect sizable console investments for many years of trouble-free service.

The Yauhody cable competes effectively at this higher price point as well, offering full 8K and HDMI 2.1 support for years of dependable use.


Installation and Use of PS5 HDMI 2.1 Cable

With the right HDMI 2.1 cable in hand, installation is simple:

    • Connect the cable from the PS5 HDMI port to the corresponding input on the TV or monitor.
    • Secure snugly on both ends without force - do not stress port connections.
    • Switch the display to the correct HDMI input channel for the connected PS5.
    • Configure preferred resolution and refresh rate in the PS5's video output settings.
    • Enjoy immersive 4K120 gaming and entertainment at will thanks to the reliable cable connection!


      Understanding what the PS5 HDMI port can do helps shop for a cable that pairs well. Look for a cable that follows all of HDMI 2.1. This, with solid construction, lets new PS5 owners use all the console's picture power. Whether focusing on low cost or high quality cables, following these tips finds the right fast HDMI cable.
      Reaching out is fine if any part of choosing a cable is still unclear. Gamers will love using a steady, reliable cable for awesome PS5 gaming sessions.
      And I recommend you can try the Yauhody’s cable. Its perfect suit for PS5. Its box says it matches all that the PS5 needs. It also lets users plug in easily for better PS5 playing.