Yauhody's Story

Why Yauhody?

In today's busy world, it can be hard to stay connected with loved ones. That's why Yauhody is on a mission to bring people together through innovative technology. 

As a leading provider of cables for over 10 years, Yauhody enables seamless sharing of life's moments. Their products, including ethernet, HDMI, and USB-C cables, allow people to instantly stream ultra HD video chats, share photos, play online games, and more with friends and family.  

Behind the scenes, Yauhody's dedicated engineering team works tirelessly to create reliable, user-friendly products. We are constantly listening to customer feedback and upgrading designs to better meet needs. For example, when customers reported fraying cables, Yauhody reinforced insulation with a braided nylon sleeve for lasting performance. 

Bringing People Together Through Technology

But Yauhody is more than just a tech company - we want to foster meaningful connections. We've seen firsthand how technology can enable deeper relationships, not isolation. Like when a college student used an HDMI cable to share their computer screen with Grandma across the country, or when  Yauhody partners with nonprofits like FosterMore to provide cables and tech support for setting up devices in foster homes. This helps create a welcoming environment for displaced children.  

With smart home integrations, Yauhody is unlocking new possibilities for togetherness.  Our cables allow people to effortlessly control lighting, music, security cameras, and other devices from anywhere.  While technology will continue advancing rapidly, Yauhody's 100+ employees stay grounded in their mission to convey the warmth of home.

Why sell the items we sell?

We embed creativity and care into every solution.  By starting with small but powerful connections like cables, Yauhody aims to transform living spaces. We want to satisfy aspirations for convenience while promoting real human interaction. 

Thanks to their sincere commitment and united spirit, Yauhody gives people the tools they need to share life's joy.  Here are some examples of how Yauhody might have incorporated customer feedback into product improvements:  

Customers reported cables fraying and deteriorating over time. Yauhody upgraded to more durable PVC jacketed cables with stronger insulation to increase lifespan.  
For usability, customers wanted easier cable organization. Yauhody designed velcro cable ties and sleeve bundles to keep cables neatly managed and untangled.  
Customers needed longer cable lengths to accommodate entertainment centers. Yauhody extended offerings to include 3, 6, and 10 foot HDMI cables for more flexible installations, etc.

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